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dataset: sample_virtual_dataset.ncml

  • TOP_Level_DAP_Attribute: This is a top level attribute
    • MetaData
      • Created: 18 Aug 2009
      • Author: eponymous

    MyNewStructure(Type is Structure)
    • attributes
      • Description: Demonstration of a new Structure variable with several new contained variables
    • TheAnswerToLifeTheUniverseAndEverything(Type is Int32)
      • attributes
        • Description: What Douglas Adams might say
    • Indices[ 0 ..9] (Type is Int16)
      • attributes
        • Description: Example of autogenerated uniform array
    • Foo[ station= 0 ..1] [ samples= 0 ..4] (Type is Float32)
      • attributes
        • Description: A contrived example of a 2D array

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